Dubai Tourism

Representation of the trade sector in Spain


The main objective of the Dubai Tourism Office is to increase the number of Spanish visitors, educate the trade segment by promoting knowledge about the destination and develop co-marketing campaigns with the main agencies and tour operators in Spain.

Tourism in Dubai aims to change the perception of the Spanish traveller about the destination, promoting it as a country that offers a great cultural wealth, nature, excellent gastronomy and hundreds of different activities for all types of clients that can be carried out. A destination that not only represents luxury and that adapts to different visitor profiles due to the variety of attractions it offers.

The Blueroom Project began the representation of Dubai Tourism in Spain during the pandemic era, with the clear interest of promoting the destination through different recovery strategies to show security and tourist attractions.


As Dubai Tourism Marketing Representatives for the trade sector, The Blueroom Project developed
crisis management and recovery strategies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborating with the promotion of Dubai as a safe destination for travellers, that opened to the tourism since July 2020.

Blueroom has developed communication plans, co-marketing campaigns with the main agencies and tour operators in Spain, as well as various educational actions aimed at the trade such as Fam trips and virtual trainings.

The Blueroom Project has also worked to promote the global campaign Dubai Presents, starring the actors Zac Efron and Jessica Alba, with some of the most recognized agencies in the Spanish market and is currently developing a strong promotion for the Expo 2020 Dubai world event.


Dubai has been a leader in the recovery of global tourism after overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. The city has established the necessary protocols to make it one of the safest destinations in the world for travellers and has been open to tourism since July 2020.

The good air connectivity of Dubai has always been a key factor in boosting tourism in the destination, currently having 9 weekly frequencies with Spain through the Emirates flag airline.

In the first half of 2021 Dubai has received more than 10 million passengers at its international airport and with major global events such as Expo 2020, the prospects for the future are very promising.

Regarding the number of Spanish visitors, thanks to its positioning as a safe destination, Dubai has had a great increase in 2021, specifically during Easter 2021 where it received almost the same visitors as 2019, and at the end of the year it is expected reach more than 40,000 visitors.

In accordance with the strategies established for the recovery of the Spanish tourism in Dubai and the education of the trade about the destination, The Blueroom Project has worked to maintain constant communication with the trade through virtual training reaching more than 1,200 agents, monthly newsletters to more than 12,000 contacts, launched innovative campaigns with famous influencers in collaboration with renowned agencies, communication through LinkedIn and Telegram channels, meetings with the CEOs of the most important companies in the Spanish trade to establish medium and long-term collaboration plans, among other actions.