BLUEROOM Covid Communication Actions

Since the beginning of the COVID_19 virus, we have been adapting our activities in real time to the procedures and sanitary restrictions derived from Covid_19: from confinement to 6 pax groups. From face-to-face groups to hybrid groups and online events. Always with the best possible option, The Blueroom Project puts creativity into action to comply with the Strategy in each situation.

The Blueroom Project – BLUE HORIZON. At the very beginning of lockdown for Covid_19, The Blueroom Project announced its first issue “Blue Horizon”, a positive news selection told in an optimistic mood to liven up and inform about the current events taking place internationally and among our customers. The objective of this “new horizon” in its 10 issues, was to create from our workplace, a positive spiral to win COVID_19 and learn from this experience, an attitude that we want to promote among everybody.s.

The actions designed by the team to inspire, support, encourage, recognize and inform during the different stages of the health crisis, which went beyond mere webinars or virtual meetings, have been translated into a series of activations of which we will now give a few highlights:

Thailand Tourism

Thailand Memories – When the restrictions of lockdown arrived, the team felt the need to redesign actions already planned and adapt them to the situation. This is how this strategic and emotional project was devised for users to inspire us through their longing and nostalgia for the destination Thailand and its culture. A trip without traveling, a contest to travel in the future, 100% inspiration.

Costa Rica Tourism

Animandalas – During the confinement, through, a reference point for training and information for tourism professionals, a series of contents were available to support at home, such as these coloring mandalas inspired by Costa Rica for the little ones at home who could not go to school…


Go out on the balcony and breathe – The Blueroom Project’s initiative arose from the confinement to inspire all those who were locked up at home and encourage them to literally go out on the balcony and breathe, dreaming of a better and more beautiful future: with Hurtigruten’s voyages.

Costa Rica Tourism

El Camino de Costa Rica – Within the strategy of Costa Rica Sustainable Sanctuary, few things are as inspiring and aspirational as a fantastic documentary with which to tour the country of pure life Coast to Coast…

Thailand Tourism

Thai Friends – With the destination fixed and eager to travel, we prepared a powerful message from Spain expressing the strong emotional bond and our desire to return to the land of smiles.


Influencer Stay – With the opening of interprovincial movements and the collaboration of a journalist / blogger, we report the benefits of a getaway with Covid_19 security to make the most of the summer within our borders.

Costa Rica Tourism

Colibrí Origami – To capture the attention, nothing like an exercise in design and creativity in a top publication, such as VIAJAR, to “start flying away”.

Dubai Tourism

Fam trip & Meetings – A country open to tourism that allows us to organize select fam trips for professionals in the sector, combined with small lunches in Spain for a maximum of 6 people: actions adapted to the current situation “by The Blueroom Project”.

Costa Rica Tourism

Pura Vida Awards – This initiative, created by The Blueroom Project, brought together the press, members of the tourism sector, government agencies and consumers in an online event to disseminate environmental values of preservation and protection of the world for future generations.


Novelties 2021 – Adapted to the Covid protocol, in a beautiful rooftop, we managed a meeting with the press to inform them about the latest news of the destination and to answer their queries directly and closely.

Costa Rica Tourism

New connectivity – This initiative promoted by The Blueroom Project will increase the connectivity of the destination with two new direct weekly flights from Madrid by Iberojet.