The Blueroom Project has designed and implemented a TV Spots campaign within the positioning strategy of the destination in Europe as a Sustainable Tourist Sanctuary, also created by the agency.

THE MISSION of this positioning strategy not only seeks to promote the tourist destination, but also resides in making, conserving and projecting a place of innovative well-being, with social and business development that is responsible, sustainable and even more beautiful for its residents, entrepreneurs and visitors.


  • A country that is home to more than 6.5% of the world’s biodiversity.
  • Connected with several of the main European capitals.
  • A safe sanctuary of peace, tranquility and happiness for those target tourists.
  • A small tourist destination, but with a wide range of outdoor activities, on the beach, the forest, the sea or mixing into the multicultural identities of Costa Rica.
  • The quintessential sustainable destination where you can enjoy nature and, at the same time, learn how it can be preserved for future generations
  • A value offer, a wellness solution… that makes Costa Rica’s proposal unique in the world and sets it apart from its competitors.

The positioning is based on THE circular MODEL of essential Costa Rica. A model based on:

  • The innovation
  • The inclusion
  • The sustainability

And, at the same time, it assumes that Costa Rica seeks to attract the best travelers, those who are responsible, educated, want to interact with nature and local people, appreciate culture and traditions, spend more and want to return with a bag full of unique and special experiences, activities and learning.

In this way, they contribute to issues as important as the proper use of resources, the dispersion of wealth, local benefits, the development of the country, the promotion of human talent and the conservation of the natural environment.

The campaign has been developed throughout the month of March 2022, with 20” spots in Spanish and Catalan, in leading programs on the Antena3, La Sexta and TV3 networks:

  • On Antena 3: “Espejo Público” and “Cocina Abierta” by Karlos Arguiñano.
  • In La Sexta: “Aruser@s” and in the program “Al Rojo Vivo”.
  • On TV3, the leading channel for 11 years in Catalonia: “Els Matins” (classic morning magazine) “Planta Baixa” (Magazine prior to Telenoticias) and “FAQ’S” (TV3 star program on Saturday nights).

In addition, in this campaign we have had the collaboration of B The Travel Brand as the leading brand of the Ávoris group in the travel agency sector.