Months ago, it seemed like a utopia, but the world is returning to a certain normality and so is the travel and tourism sector. On the one hand, with new technologies we are more global than ever in terms of information flows, but at the same time, in everything related to rules, regulations and restrictions, travel alerts and new consumptions habits, we are more local than ever.

At the same time, travellers are behaving more humanely, that is, more irrational than rational because of the pandemic. This is where exclusively data-based marketing has not produced what everyone expected, lacking the emotional factor inherent in the human being.

Our privilege has been to be able to actively collaborate with real data from traveller’s profiles (not doubtful predictions), on creative and innovative strategies and ideas, and thus take advantage of the most permeable audiences to travel during this period, contributing to recovery actions and reopening paths of destinations such as: Dubai, Costa Rica, Madeira, Ibiza, Thailand, Barcelona, Sevilla or private .com companies within the tourism world. All in a very short time, in a very intense way, but with very satisfactory results, as shown by the significant number of visitors in those destinations, the detailed care for opening borders with different successful models, and the achievement of a longer summer season (Ibiza, Madeira, Sevilla, Barcelona).

Now we are entering a new quarter, with many successful experiences in the new travel era and with a more promising outlook in the rebirth of domestic and international travel. At The Blueroom Project we are at your disposal to help your company achieve a more efficient marketing and communication management.

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