FISEC and the DIRCOM Latin America Group; The two, in synergy, and this time with the Master’s Degree in Communication from the Sergio Arboleda University of Colombia, deliver to the academic community and organizations in general, this book that summarizes the results of the study and application of the New Strategic Theory, NTE, promulgated in 2001 by Rafael Alberto Pérez (Former Advisor of The Blueroom Project). in which he invited us to have a different strategic thinking, to refund the strategy from communication through seven new paradigms and ten principles.
In this way, “the NTE recovers the human, the qualitative, the emotional and the articulating from a transdisciplinary perspective”. Like the great master that he was, in 2003 Rafael Alberto managed to convene a large Ibero-American group of experts, academics and communication professionals and thus was born the FISEC, Ibero-American Forum on Communication Strategies, of which to date 13 countries are part.
Our The Blueroom Project CEO, Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant, contributes to this publication in the paper related to tourism communication and the NTE.