K-Week welcomed more than 2,500 people who came to enjoy the festival at the Palacio de Neptuno. With full capacity during the two days of the festival, the K-Week brings Korean culture, traditions and ancient art to our country for the second consecutive year.

The second edition of the K-Week festival in Madrid, promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, organized and promoted by The Blueroom Project, ends with a successful call, with a participation of more than 2,500 people who came to the Palacio de Neptuno to enjoy the festival. With free admission for all audiences, the K-Week has brought to its visitors all the cultural, artistic and gastronomic attractions of South Korea.

Thousands of people came to see Red Flag, one of the Spanish K-Pop dance groups of the moment, to try on the typical costumes called Hanbok and to have their pictures taken at the futuristic photocall to feel part of Korean culture for a day. The various performances brought together a large audience of all ages, who enjoyed Korean music concerts, taekwondo exhibitions, K-Pop dances and interactive games to enjoy in groups.