The Blueroom Project has created for Barcelona and Seville a strategic alliance with a foundation to promote both cities internationally.


The first objective of this union is to reach a very important key market for both capitals, the French.


Under the slogan ‘Two cities, One destination’, created by Blueroom, the joint tourism promotion strategy focuses on five axes:

  • Architecture: Highlighting figures of great relevance in both cities, such as Aníbal González, in Seville, and Antoni Gaudí, in Barcelona.
  • Gastronomy: Emphasizing local products, from the countryside or the sea, which reach the table through urban markets or to restaurants through suppliers.
  • Literature: Thanks to the common denominator represented by the Andalusian poet Antonio Machado, for his relationship with France, Catalonia and Seville.
  • Fashion: Highlighting the tradition of the textile industry in Catalonia and many of the designers that have emerged there. For its part, Seville provides the most internationally recognized regional costume. Both cities are heirs of a long couture tradition.
  • Sustainability: In this sense, the urban green of the streets of Seville, the Biosphere certification of Barcelona, ​​the World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021 where Barcelona is twinned with Paris stand out; or Seville, which signed the Paris Declaration to promote the fight against climate change, among other initiatives.

The intention of both cities is to promote themselves to the issuing markets, so that tourists visit the two Spanish cities in a single trip.


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