Bless Collection Hotels

Launch of a new concept of “hedonistic luxury”hotel brand within the Spanish group Palladium Hotel Group.


The Blueroom Project implemented a communication plan for the Spanish market rewarding media quality and coverage over quantity, combining different public relations actions such as private visits, interviews, informative lunches, press trips, as well as “Grand Opening Parties” of both hotels, among many others.

Communication was managed individually by hotel and grouped by brands, BLESS Collection Hotels, BLESS Hotel Madrid, BLESS Hotel Ibiza and Etxeko, the chain’s flagship restaurant under the supervision of Martin Berasategui, a Spanish chef with 12 Michelin stars.


Reach of more than 100 journalists in the different events, interviews and press trips managed for BLESS Collection Hotels and coverage in the main media of different types: generalists, lifestyle, tourism sector, travel, economic, local, gastronomic… Vogue, Elle, In Style, Expansión, El País, El Mundo, La Razón, ABC, CN Traveler, El Periodico, El Economista, Viajar, etc.

BLESS Collection Hotels – Inauguración

BLESS Collection Hotels – Presentación a medios en Ibiza

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BLESS Collection Hotels – metropoli

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BLESS Collection Hotels – De Viajes