The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and The Blueroom Project, as official representatives of Tourism Thailand in Spain, have organized a press trip to Thailand from June 1 to 8, visiting Bangkok, Phuket and Samui to show the Spanish media which had not visited the country previously some of the most fascinating thai destinations.

Journalists from El Periódico, Diari Girona / Regio 7, Revista Viajar, Revista Woman, Viajes El Mundo, Tapas Magazine, / PUBLICO, Irene González Hernández Gente Viajera Onda Cero, ABC Natural have participated in a press trip promoted by TAT with the main objective of promoting the Amazing Thailand Fest 2023 to be held in Barcelona on June 30, 1 and 2 July.

Themed as a fun and colourful Thai temple fair, the festival will feature performances and cultural activities, including folk dances from the four regions of Thailand, Isan folk music performances, workshops on traditional Thai arts and crafts, Muay Thai shows and travel packages to Thailand, as well as a food court to taste delicious Thai cuisine.