The Blueroom Project presents the second edition of the Observatory 2015-2016 “The future of travel distribution” in order to continue the monitoring of the role that tourism professionals are taking and future developments at European level, together with the mobile penetration in the tourism sector. To this end, it reflects the advice of more than 160 professionals from 5 countries (Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom), of which 62% are travel agents and tour operators.

The report has count on the collaboration of Pangaea Network, an international organization of independent agencies offering consultancy, marketing and communication services in the tourism and the hospitality industry, as well as the support of CEAV (Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies).

One of the main conclusions of the study is that at European level half of respondents consider that intermediaries still have a fundamental role in the industry, while 24% think that their position is becoming less important, and 26% believe that the consumer prefers to avoid intermediaries. In Spain, 67% gives a key role to intermediates.

The full report is available here

The future of travel distribut II edition by Pangaea Network 1