Dear customers, associates, collaborators, suppliers and friends of the sector,  

In view of the exceptional nature of this situation, we are sending you our current contingency plan for COVID-19 and we would like to convey to you our firm commitment to society and to people’s health, together with our commitment to the impeccable development of our usual services.  

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are all well, with no case declared as positive within our team to date.  

In view of the recommendations of the Government of Spain, the Regional Government of Madrid and the WHO, The Blueroom Project’s committee on COVID_19: formed by the Directors, Managers, Executives and External Advisors following the contingency plan for emergencies previously designed, informs:   

  1. Once the first phase of action has been overcome through internal communication on how to act in case of symptoms, company instructions and official recommendations on personal and workplace hygiene, we move on to the second phase.  
  2. After the governmental and health institutions have increased the alert level with new measures and recommendations, we start Phase 2.- Teleworking: On Monday, March 16, 2020, and for a minimum period of two weeks, our staff will start working from home and some Managers, Directors and Executives will remain for a maximum of three more days working from our central office in Madrid to control and pilot the contingency and teleworking plan.  
  3.  At the same time, travel, attendance to meetings and events will be reduced to only those that are essential to implement our services with the usual degree of quality of our agency.  
  4. Our official working hours will remain the same as always: from 9am to 2pm and from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, however, in an unprecedented situation, our e-mails and cell phones will be available for any urgency or emergency. The means of communication with the company and our executives are the same as always (landline, email accounts, cell phones…) being the most direct and relevant:  


– Switchboard telephone number: +34 91 5313392  

– Press Officer / Susana Álvaro: +34 637794345  

– Operations Manager / Enrique Bermudo: +34 673853957  

– General Manager / María Redondo: +34 671664637  

– CEO / Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant: +34 607820569

For extremely important issues or emergencies you can contact our CEO or our General Manager directly.  

Finally, we would like to show our total solidarity with those people, communities, countries and companies in our tourism sector and other sectors for the consequences that COVID-19 is having on their lives and daily professional work. Therefore, at this time we commit ourselves to:  

  • Support the communication of institutions, organizations and tourism associations to, within the official measures, help convey a climate of tranquility and a bright future for the entire tourism industry and most importantly, for people / travelers and their desirable early return to normalcy.  
  • As a company specialized and accustomed to communication & marketing management in complex and crisis situations we will reinforce our workload for our loyal existing clients with an increased number of communiqués, reports, virtual meetings based on what the situation requires, now and in the weeks to come. Especially our contribution in crisis management and the creation of strategies and recovery plans in order to minimize the negative impacts on visitors and the tourism industry environment.  

Without further ado, we wish you all good health and personal and professional peace of mind.  

Best regards,  

Alejandro Perez-Ferrant  

The Blueroom Project  

Founding Partner & CEO