The “Amazing Thailand Fest 2023”, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), attracted more than 3,500 people over the past weekend in Barcelona. This event outlined the thai cultural offer presenting folk dances, craft workshops, Muay Thai shows and a selection of international films and series filmed in Thailand.
In addition, more than 75 journalists and tourism professionals had the opportunity to enjoy this event of Thai culture, traditions and gastronomy. The festival was a showcase of the rich Thai culture and its travel opportunities, attracting lots of local visitors. Thai cuisine also featured prominently, allowing visitors to indulge in the country’s typical dishes and desserts.
The “Amazing Thailand Fest 2023” has been very successful offering attendees an enriching and memorable experience in Barcelona. The Blueroom Project, as the representative of Tourism of Thailand in Spain, thanks all the participants, media and collaborators for their support in carrying out the event.