• In the last five months, The Blueroom Project has won in competitions these four important accounts and is consolidated as the leading boutique consultancy of communications and tourism marketing in Spain.
  • The agency expands its global network in China, South Africa and the Middle East, offering to Spanish tourism companies specialized services in the main international markets of Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.




The Blueroom Project (TBP) has established itself as the leading agency in the Tourism & Lifestyle sector in Spain, adding four important clients to its extensive portfolio of premium tourism and leisure brands and extending its global reach to new international key markets.


Last January, and after a long competition, The Blueroom Project was selected to manage the communication and public relations of Qatar Airways in Spain and Portugal with the aim of implementing and increasing the knowledge of the five stars airlines, as well as its products and services on board.

About Qatar Airways:

The national airline of the State of Qatar, which in 2017 celebrates its anniversary, connects through its hub in Doha, Hamad International Airport, to more than 150 leisure and business destinations with its modern fleet of 200 aircrafts. In Spain, the company operates two daily flights from Madrid and two daily flights from Barcelona so that Spanish passengers can enjoy 28 frequencies per week in order to connect with the airline’s global network through its hub in Doha. In 2018, the company will launch a record number of 24 new destinations, including connections to San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago in Chile, among others. Been awarded multiple times, in addition to having been chosen as the “Best Airline of the Year” by travelers worldwide at the Skytrax 2017 Awards, the airline has also obtained another series of awards such as the “Best Middle Eastern Airline”, the “Best Business Class” and “Best First Class VIP Room in the World”.


Since last April, The Blueroom Project is responsible for communications and PR of the first Japan Tourism Office in Spain. The new office is located in the center of Madrid and will be the sixth JNTO delegation in Europe. The Blueroom Project deals with the media relations through different channels, promoting the tourist attractions of the country in all its facets around its three values (character, creation and lifestyle) and focusing In the three segments they want to promote: tourism promotion, honeymoons segment and closer ties with the tourism professional sector.

About JNTO:

The Japan National Tourism Office (JNTO) is an independent administrative body of the Japanese government whose mission is to promote Japan as a travel destination for leisure and business. In 2016, Japan received more than 24 million foreign tourists, (+ 21.8% over the previous year). In the case of Spain, a total of 91,800 Spanish tourists traveled to Japan last year (+ 19%). With the opening of the first delegation in Spain there are 21 offices around the world. The JNTO is linked to the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Territory, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism and was founded in 1964 with the aim of attracting travelers to the country. Among the tasks of the new office in Madrid is the assistance to professionals of the Spanish tourism sector in the development of new itineraries; Participation in fairs and tourist halls; Offer information and material to tourists who wish to travel to the country; Collaborate with the media and journalists; Provide congress organizations, meetings and events with the necessary information; And the study of Spanish outbound tourism in Japan.


Following a competition between various tourism communication agencies in Spain, The Blueroom Project was the finalist and winner of the Transmediterránea portfolio, last May, the leading shipping company in Spain. Transmediterránea relies on the work of TBP to strengthen the leadership of the company, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in the Spanish tourist scene, to renew its image in the market and to become a reference for the maritime transport of freight and passengers in our country.

About Trasmediterránea:                          

TRASMEDITERRANEA is the leading shipping company in Spain, managing a fleet of 23 vessels (passenger, freight and high-speed), 33 regular shipping lines and 5 port terminals. Its network includes the main connections of the Peninsula with the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and North Africa (Morocco and Algeria). The company is the world’s first carbon neutral shipping company, which offsets all its greenhouse gas emissions. It has also signed agreements of Good Environmental Practices with Port Authorities to carry out a series of measures that take care of the environment and the marine life, as well as awareness raising campaigns. In 2016, it transported more than 2.5 million passengers, 600,000 vehicles and 5.8 million linear meters of cargo. Its main goal is to offer a complete experience to travelers, being a pioneer in the use of new technologies, such as quality Wi-Fi network, onboard entertainment and personalized services.


Last May, South African Tourism – South Europe chose its partners in order to support the implementation of its strategy in France, Italy and Spain: AIGO, marketing and communications agency specializing in tourism, travel and hotel industry with the support from members of the Pangaea network (of which AIGO is a founding member), The Blueroom Project in Spain and Indigo Unlimited in France. As a communications and public relations agency and trade service for the entire Spanish tourism market in South Africa, The Blueroom Project has the task of strengthening the relationship with the media, spreading knowledge about destiny, as well as creating ties with the tourism sector.

About SAT:

South African Tourism is the responsible organization for the promotion of the country as a tourism destination and reports to the National Tourism Department. South African Tourism works with the industry and the government in order to promote the country nationally and internationally to increase the number of leisure and business visitors, with the goal of adding 5 million domestic and international travelers over the next five years. Tourism in South Africa contributes 3% of total GDP, and an average of 4.5% of employment in this sector (2014 statistics). South African Tourism has offices in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands,the United Kingdom and the United States.


As a complement, the company expands its international outreach with new relevant markets such as China, South Africa and the Middle East by offering to Spanish tourism companies specialized services in the main international markets of Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.

In the words of Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant, CEO of The Blueroom Project, “These new clients, in addition to those we already have in our portfolio, are the award of the work and the effort that The Blueroom Project has been carrying out during its 14 years of experience, both nationally and internationally. Strategy, creativity, innovation, tailor made treatment and team spirit have been the keys to this success, which is a great impetus to continue working in the same line with our dedication to the boutique service in times of great competitiveness in the marketing and communication sector”.