New service for detecting and blocking fake web traffic (organic or from paid marketing / programmatic actions, S M, search, affiliates … /)

Always with aim to propose the best solutions in the field of marketing and communications, from The Blueroom Project we have begun to offer our clients, in Spain and Portugal, a unique service of detection and blocking of invalid traffic that reaches the websites of customers, either organic or from actions in paid marketing (programmatic,  SM, Search, Affiliates …) . 

Today, 40% of all web traffic is “Fake” traffic with all that it implies about economic, sales and marketing efforts in any reference company in its sector. The technology we propose, among other things, – through 2,000 control points in 0.2 seconds – allows:

  1. It prevents all kinds of fraudsters involved in e-commerce from accessing.
  2. It blocks automated entities that come to a website with the sole interest of scrapping or indexing information for third parties.
  3. It avoids the advertiser having to pay for clicks on their campaigns, which are fake (bots, click farming …).
  4. Avoids the wear and tear of re-targeting actions to fakes.
  5. Gets the real metrics of the funnel because it allows you to visualize in real time true traffic Vs fake traffic, segmented by platforms, by campaigns, by keywords … Thus, the company can make better decisions, based on real data.

In addition to its powerful efficiency and effectiveness, the most interesting thing is that before any contract, a free trial is carried out that allows you to customize the service to each company, not just to each sector. With the data of this test, the losses that the invalid traffic received is producing are objectivized. If after the test the customer wants to hire this solution, the price of this will be a fraction of the value contributed considering the concrete savings that occur and the losses that are avoided, thanks to deactivating invalid traffic. There is no fixed cost, which guarantees that the deal generates a positive impact on the income statement from day one.

The proof of concept is without commitment to continuity. Only if the client considers that it contributes value is progress towards a contracting agreement. 80% of the companies that do the proof of concept decide to hire the solution.