The holiday rental expert Belvilla by OYO has recently analyzed the income generated by properties in different European countries and one conclusion is clear: renting a holiday home in Spain is still a good investment. The company has compared the rental income of 2019 with that of 2022 and concludes that more than half of the Spanish holiday homes registered an increase in the incomes generated. Specifically, 52% of all Spanish holiday homes rented through Belvilla generated more income in 2022 than in 2019, before the pandemic. 41% saw a revenue increase of 20% or more; 6% of properties between 10% and 20% and around 5% of houses experienced an increase in rental income of up to 10%. Among the Spanish destinations, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol stand out, with more than 55% of the properties that have increased their income compared to 2019, in addition to Costa de la Luz, with a percentage of more than 60%.