Global record PR results since 2014


Increasing the awareness of the vacation rental industry and the position of HomeAway as the leader. And, at the same time, strengthening HomeAway relationship with the major industry players, apart from media, such as government and associations in Spain.


Blueroom has established a strong integrated PR plan supporting the different brands belonging to HomeAway which are present in Spain, with a press office, including a wide range of activities from press releases, pitches, interviews, press trips, events, etc.

The top project developed by the agency for HomeAway has been the creation of an annual barometer to analyse the current situation of the vacation rental industry in Spain, overall and breaking out key inbound regions (Catalonia, Valencia, Andalusia and Balearic and Canary Islands). This report covers the main aspects of the sector and has been useful not only to generate a huge amount of coverage, but also has acted as an effective tool to negotiate with Regional Governments regarding regulation.


After the US (HomeAway Headquarters), Spain has consistently received the next highest level of press coverage.

The HomeAway Spanish Vacation Rental Barometer (Spain and the Regional editions) generates an average of more than 200 cuttings annually, reaching an audience of 31 M. Based on the success in Spain HomeAway is implementing this project in order to open other markets starting with Italy.


Barometer presentation about the Vacation Rental Industry in Spain

Miscelaneous front pages of the Study on the Barometer about Vacation Rental

Diversified presentations in mass media